Steiff New 2020




Steiff Club 2019

The Steiff club every year continues to add to the wonderful and delightful collection of teddy bears available for club members, children, and bear enthusiasts all around the world.  Here at Bear Gallery, we are proud to stock a wide selection of Steiff bears, including many other Steiff club annual bear editions and Steiff annual gift items dating back to previous years.

This year’s Steiff collectors club edition features a five way jointed, cappuccino coloured wool teddy bear with the iconic gold plated ‘button in ear’, that Steiff bear collectors will simply adore. These are attached to the bears with the traditional white tags and red print that Steiff club members have come to recognise as the stamp of authenticity of the collector’s editions.

Other tags and buttons identifying various collector items are also available as part of the huge range of Steiff club bears for sale.  The iconic picture of Margarete Steiff, taken towards the end of her eventful life, shows her holding one of the bears on her lap.  This bear was also created by the company that is her legacy, bequeathed to future generation who also love Steiff club bears.  In honour of this fact, the Steiff company and creators have released Steiff club edition styled after that very same bear.  The picture can now be seen depicted in an oil painting by the artist Otto Neubrand in the Steiff Museum.

You too can join the Steiff club membership today and start your own treasured collection.  Steiff bears are loved, cherished and collected around the world and are therefore, not only delightful to own, but also a sound investment for the future.  To subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on new releases and news on upcoming events, please fill in the online form.